Farmer’s Markets

Being part of a Farmer’s market is more than just selling my product’s it is being part of a community.

I joined thame valley farmers market January 2016 and I’ve made some fab new friends, which is one benefit of being part of this community.

Apart from making friend’s, I had to change my product so that I could become a member. This mean’t that I had to locally source 25% of my products, which is great and I can proudly say that Popadoodledoo as a small business supports it’s locally farmers.

So where does my 25% come from?

Well today I drove the lovely country roads to Wantage to get my flour from wessex flour mill, not only do I get my flour from there but my raising agents as well.Wessexmill

I then drive another country road to get my free range eggs, they are so free range that you quite often pull up to see the chickens in the delivery van or on one of the many tractors. The staff at beechwood farm are friendly, but always working hard to deliver these yummy eggs to other small local

So there you have it Popadoodledoo does not use a wholesaler, we proudly support our farmers!

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